'Rusty & Jack' a portrait by Jane Nicol, 2016, supporting Wounded Heroes Australia

‘Rusty & Jack’ for Wounded Heroes

Before my accident and my career turnaround into art, I was a psychotherapist specialising in trauma resolution. I understand from personal experience how PTSD can ruin the lives of its sufferers and their families. It seems to me that not nearly enough is done to help the men and...

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Jane Nicol artist studio gallery Maleny QLD

New Studio Gallery Open!

My new studio gallery in Maleny, QLD is now finished and open to the public by appointment. With the help of a few wonderful local tradespeople it all came together beautifully and is spacious and light with lots of wall space. Thanks to all who worked so hard...

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Work in Progress

'Our Little Life' on the easel in Sydney.  Number 5 in the Nobody's Planet series.  A corner of 'Save the Last Dance' is visible on the wall behind, and the early stages of 'The Shadow of her Smile' is leaning against the wall.   I need a...

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'Save the Last Dance', Acrylic on Canvas, 92cm x 92cm  © 2013 Jane Nicol

New Series – New Direction

I am currently working on a new series called 'Nobody's Planet' which is taking me into new territory. The concept behind the series is abstract, and at first glance, the paintings are too. They are of human figures entwined within the flows and structure of...

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Aunty Joan Tranter © Jane Nicol 2013. Acrylic on Canvas (76cmx112cm)

Portia Geach Finalist

I'm thrilled to announce that my painting 'Aunty Joan Tranter' has been announced a finalist for the 2013 Portia Geach Memorial Award for portraiture.   The finalists will be exhibited at the National Trust S.H. Ervin gallery in Sydney, Australia, from October 4th to November 17th. The...

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'Aunty Joan Tranter' & 'Origins and Inspiration'  © Jane Nicol 2013. Acrylic on Canvas

Two Exceptional Women

It's been a year of portraits for me.  Eight portraits, five of them commissions have kept me busy.  I have just finished two of my favourites, 'Aunty Joan Tranter' and 'Origins and Inspirations', a portrait of Elma Kris from Bangarra Dance Theatre.  It is always...

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The Nature of Reality (I), Acrylic on Canvas © 2014 Jane Nicol (36"x40")

The Nature of Reality

I'm working on a new series of conceptual self portraits provisionally titled 'The Nature of Reality'.   Perception is not reality. Perception is affected by our belief systems and our attitudes, not to mention the chemicals in our brains.   It sometimes feels as though the sun will never...

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Flying or Falling (Heaven Knows) © Jane Nicol 2006. Acrylic & Alkyd on Canvas (1.22m x 1.22m)

Night of a Hundred Angels

I have just spent an anxious ten days organising packaging and freighting to the USA for my painting "Flying or Falling,.. Heaven Knows".   The painting was in New Zealand when I was notified that it was the overall winner in the 'Night of a Hundred Angels'...

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